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All Natural Vegan & Borax Free Laundry Soap (60 loads)

Lemon or Unscented

Unlike commercial products our laundry soap is 100% natural using only ingredients gifted to us by mother nature. Our products are not only safe for the whole family but for our environment as well.

*Septic Safe*

Ingredients : washing soda, vegan soap flakes, sodium per carbonate,kosher salt, distilled white vinegar

*our lemon scented contains 100% pure lemon essential oil that is vegan & kosher certified*


all natural lemon laundry detergent 60 loads


All Natural Cleaning Fizzies (20 Count)


These little daisies are a real powerhouse for cleaning everything from your toilets, to your sinks to your fridge and more NATURALLY!!
Why inhale those nasty toxins and pollute our waterways with those nasty commercial products, when you can choose our essential oil blends that not only smell amazing but are environmentally friendly as well.

Available in 2 scents:

Citrus Medley is a combination of 100% pure blood orange, pink grapefruit and lemon essential oils, pure baking soda, non-gmo citric acid, hydrogen peroxide
Peppermint Twist is a combination of 100% pure lavender,lemon and peppermint essential oils, pure baking soda, non-gmo citric acid, hydrogen peroxide


All Natural Lemon/Lime Dishwasher & Washing Machine Cleaning Tabs (20 count)


Tired of that nasty odor coming from your dishwasher and washing machine? Did you know that both machines should be cleaned once a month to remove bacteria and help maintain the life of your machines?

We have created one tab that does both machines! One bag if used on both machines will last you 5 months or if only used on one machine 10 months.

*Septic Safe*

Ingredients: pure baking soda, non-gmo citric acid, hydrogen peroxide, 100% pure lemon and lime essential oils




All Natural Potty Fresheners (30 count)


Our mini version of our cleaning tabs make specially for your little ones potty to remove odor and bacteria.
So easy, drop one tab in potty with water let sit couple hours or overnight and you now have a naturally clean bowl!

*Septic Safe*

ingredients : Pure baking soda, non-gmo citric acid, hydrogen peroxide, Pure orange essential oil.