Nature Inspired Products

Why choose us?


Why Choose Nature Inspired ?

All our products are :

- 100% Natural, free from Parabens,petroleum,sodium laureth sulfate, and PEGS
- Free from Fragrance oils/parfum/perfume and dyes (or any other chemicals for that matter)
- Environmentally Friendly
- Safe for the whole family
- Septic Safe
- Never tested on animals
- Essential oils used are veg cert and kosher cert

Our products are handmade, one bag at a time.

All inserts for products are made from cutting up boxes we receive our deliveries in or wine bottle box inserts. Most of all, they are made with passion and ingredients that are a gift from nature.

By purchasing our products you are now one step closer to a toxic free home!!

Proudly Canadian and made in Oshawa,Ontario